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What is a Global Talent?

At a meeting, we had an opportunity to discuss the development of global human resources.

In general, the following qualities are considered as qualities of people who can play an active role in the global arena.

(1) language skills, (2) cross-cultural communication skills, (3) international business knowledge, (4) global mindset, (5) leadership skills, (6) initiative and adaptability, (7) cross-cultural skills, (8) technical skills, (9) project management skills, (10) innovation and problem solving.

I believe that one person who possesses many of these qualities is Mr. Niinami, President of Suntory HD. (See Asahi Shimbun, 2023.09.09)

Language skills are only one of these qualities, but they are necessary.

I believe that these qualities are acquired naturally through various experiences and hardships while each person works hard at his/her own job, rather than by deliberately trying to make people acquire them in a short period of time.

I once attended an international seminar hosted by the Asian Productivity Organization (APO) in Taiwan in 2001, and all of the managers, including the president, of the major Japanese electronics manufacturers who spoke at the seminar were accompanied by interpreters.

I think I saw then one of the reasons for the subsequent global struggles of Japanese electronics manufacturers.

So, I post four posts on global qualities and language learning this week.