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A little over a year has passed since the shooting of former Prime Minister Abe.

Thanks to this incident, the Unification Church's abuses have been exposed once again, and recent reports indicate that a dissolution request will finally be filed by the government this time.

According to media reports (on Wednesday, January 25), the previously reported long and deep relationship between former Prime Minister Abe and the Unification Church has been revealed and proven by his close associates.

The LDP and lawmakers with close ties to the Unification Church may be the most relieved (?) by the death of former Prime Minister Abe and the planned dissolution of the LDP as a dead man has no say in the matter.

Even if PM Abe were still alive, he would probably continue to cheat as he did with Mori, Kake, and Sakura issues.

Even if the Unification Church is dissolved, its remnants will probably repeat the same thing in a different form, like the Aum Shinrikyō, a guilty cult religion.

Not only former PM Abe, but also then former Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga, who had the closest relationship with him, could not have been unaware of his connection to the Unification Church's long anti-social activities.

This concludes the four posts this week on the news recently seen and heard in the medias.