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代案・代替行動のない反対 Opposition without alternatives or alternative actions






Opposition to the discharge of treated water from the Fukushima nuclear power plant into the ocean has been voiced by Mr. Koike, Secretary General of the Japanese Communist Party and some other Diet Members of opposition parties.

Unlike China and Russia, freely expressing one's opinion is not prohibited in Japan, but if we are against something, including us ordinary people, or if we talk about ideals, it is the same as a child's opposition without our concrete, scientific, and technical alternatives to the fundamental solution of the problem, or the practice of alternative methods.

Since there is no technology available at this stage to remove tritium from the treated water from nuclear power plants, the current discharge of tritium into the ocean is a practical way to the problem.

If we are against tritium emissions from nuclear power plants, then reducing the number of nuclear power plants, saving electricity to reduce the number of nuclear power plants, and using alternative methods of power generation are means and methods that we can immediately implement.


As Japanese people living in Japan, which has experienced a nuclear power plant accident, how many of us are really seriously working to save electricity?