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うんざり  Fed up







I am fed up with the temperatures (37.5 in Hiroshima city yesterday) that have not dropped even in September, but I can still live with it.

This time, my "disgust" is with China and the behavior of the Chinese people.

Spreading of irrational and unscientific claims regarding the discharge of treated water from the Fukushima nuclear power plant into the ocean, leading the brainwashing of many ignorant citizens of China, and having them do harassing actions, and send out harassing messages via the deliberately controlled Internet and phone calls are their prime examples of this kind to other countries. (Number of unwanted calls from China; 34,000 only in Tokyo only for one week from 24th)

This is the same root as the military expansion and hegemonic actions they have been relentlessly carrying out for such a long time around the Senkaku Islands, in the East China Sea and along China’s borders, and it is a form of their harassment based on sheer quantity.

China should not behave as intransigently as it has been up to now if it can consider the great impact that the tritium concentration of the wastewater from their large number of nuclear power plants and their too many people in its country have been giving bad effects on the global environment.

Chinese, Russian, and North Korean leaders visit each other, but do not (cannot?) attend international meetings held in other countries. I would rather they feel the lives and inconvenience of people in other countries than feel the danger of their own lives.