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フィリピン、「日本を信頼」が92%でトップ、「最大の脅威」は中国  Philippine trust in Japan tops 92%; "biggest threat" is China.








The above headline is from a report in the Asahi Shimbun newspaper.

I know many Filipinos both professionally and personally. One of my best friends is a Filipino doctor whom I have known for almost 40 years and still spend time with often via Skype.

I have visited the Philippines more than 50 times for work, and recently I have been getting to know more and more Filipinos as English language teachers.

I always tell them that Japan caused a lot of trouble and owed a great debt (*) to the Philippines during the World War Second, but I will never forget that.

The second and third photos were taken in 1992, when I paid a courtesy visit to then Philippine Vice President Salvador Laurel at his private residence, and when he hosted a private music concert for me at his residence.

Mr. Salvador Laurel was a schoolmate of the current His Majesty the Emperor Emeritus when he studied in Japan.

These are the four posts this week on the news recently seen and heard in the medias.