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AI翻訳の基本、良い日本語原文 Good Japanese sentences for better AI Translation



1. 日本語では頻繁に省略する主語や目的語を記述する。

2. 複文や混文を避ける。

3. 慣用句やあいまい表現でなく、具体的に記述する。

4. 数字はアラビア数字で、漢字表現できる単語は漢字で記述する。

5. 〇〇〇〇〇〇

以上ですが、No. 5は高品質の翻訳を行うためには必須の内容ですが、何でしょうか?


なお、No. 123は口頭通訳する時には通訳者は自然にこれらのことを同時に実行しています。


Today, AI translation is the predominant method for preparatory and preliminary work.

When translating Japanese into a foreign language using AI, the key to a good translation is to pay attention to the following points in writing the original Japanese manuscript.

1. To describe the subject and object, which are frequently omitted in Japanese

2. To avoid compound sentences and mixed sentences.

3. To use concrete descriptions, not idioms or ambiguous expressions.

4. To use numbers in Arabic numerals, and Chinese characters rather than hiragana and/or katakana letter.

5. ____________________

Among these 5 points, No. 5 is essential for high quality translation. What do you think it is?

The resulting translations that are usually not perfect are then subjected to a final check by a person who is familiar with the business and has excellent linguistic skills, resulting in a better translation product.

Note that No. 1, 2, and 3, when interpreting orally, interpreters naturally do these things simultaneously.

The person image was created by the image generation AI.