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2023夏季全国高校野球選手権大会/甲子園/東洋紡  2023 Summer National High School Baseball Tournament in Japan / Koshien / TOYOBO




なお、日本高等学校野球連盟(高野連)の第五代会長(2002- 2008年)は東洋紡の脇村春夫元専務で、上皇后美智子さまの従兄です。


This year, 2023, it ended the other day with the victory of Keio Gijuku High School representing Kanagawa Prefecture.

As the policies and activities of the baseball team of this high school were often covered by the medias, and the representative school from Hiroshima Prefecture, Koryo, lost to Keio Gijuku High School in the third round, I watched their final game on TV while cheering for the Keio team.

The high school baseball tournaments in spring and in summer in Japan are held at Koshien Stadium in Hyogo Prefecture, and in front of the dugouts, the name of the company, TOYOBO, where I used to work when I was young has long been advertised, so I am reminded of many things as a researcher at the company’s Research Institute of Processing Technology when I see this company name of TOYOBO even during watching professional baseball games.

Note that the fifth president (2002 - 2008) of the Japan High School Baseball Federation (Koyaren) is Mr. Haruo Wakiura, a former senior director of Toyobo, and a cousin of Empress Michiko.

He played baseball in high school and in Tokyo University before going on to play in the Inter-City Baseball Tournament as a third baseman for the Toyobo Tomita and Toyobo Iwakuni baseball teams. He is currently the president of the Wakimura Scholarship Foundation. PhD. in Economics (Osaka University).