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10年もの無責任男?黒田元日銀総裁 Former Bank of Japan Governor Kuroda, the irresponsible man (?) for the past decade






According to the attached news (Asahi Shimbun digital edition), Kuroda's pledge when he took office at the Bank of Japan to achieve the 2% inflation target in two years and create a virtuous cycle of wage hikes and growth could not be achieved after all, even after two terms of 10 years.

In the end, the BOJ failed to achieve the stronger economic conditions envisioned by the Abe administration and BOJ Governor Kuroda at the time. Considering the cost and time spent, there was little to gain, and Abenomics and the other-dimensional easing ended up being a failure.

Furthermore, if we calculate his annual income, it is calculated that he received 35 million yen (salary 24 million yen + bonus 11.2 million yen), or 350 million yen over 10 years.

He retired in April this year, but without taking responsibility for his failed policies, he is a university professor after receiving high compensation, so it is a life of elegant irresponsibility.

Since it was then cabinet that appointed him, former Prime Minister Abe cannot be absolved of responsibility.

The ultra-low interest rate policy squeezed profits throughout the financial industry, reducing individuals' willingness to save and making it difficult to prepare for future risks, resulting in excessive borrowing, financial market instability, adverse effects on the pension system, and adverse effects on pension recipients.
The economic activity they had hoped for, the increased willingness of consumers and firms to spend, failed to stimulate, and the yen only weakened.
What would be a failure if not to call it a failure?