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学歴主義、権威主義 VS 現場主義、実績主義 Academicism and authoritarianism vs. field-oriented and performance-oriented

NHKの朝ドラ「らんまん」で演じられている8月第一週までの東京大学の植物学教室での牧野富太郎(1862 - 1957)のやりとりを見ています。




I have been watching how Tomitaro Makino (1862 - 1957) are doing his research work in the Botany Department of the University of Tokyo until the first week of August, which is played in the NHK morning drama "Ranman".

When young, I was a chemical researcher in a private company and have spent two years in a national university laboratory as a company employee.

So, I still feel many things about academicism, authoritarianism, research thesis-ism, etc., from a different perspective than those who have spent their lives only in college.

This week's posts are about “people”.