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自動車、法定12ヵ月点検 Statutory 12-month inspections of automobiles

12ヶ月点検を受けなくても特に罰則はありません。 しかし、法律で定められている1年ごとの定期点検整備は使用者の義務、とのことです。





There is no particular penalty for not undergoing a 12-month inspection. However, I have realized it is the user's obligation to undergo annual inspections and maintenance as required by law.

However, only about half of all vehicles are inspected every 12 months (according to some data, only about 15% are inspected every 12 months).

This is probably due to the fact that this inspection is chargeable and not considered as important as the regular mandatory vehicle inspections.

Many people may not follow the duty of effort for a fee.

This concludes a series of three posts for the latter of this week.