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夏休み、大人と子供  Summer Vacation for adults and kids










The northern hemisphere continues to experience unusually hot weather, and Japan is no exception.

To avoid heat stroke, it is necessary to take a break when it is hot, but summer vacations for adults usually last from a few days to about 10.

One of the reasons I left the company before the age of 30 was to take a vacation of two weeks each in summer, winter, and spring.

This would have been a very unusual idea at the time, 45 years ago.

Now that I am past retirement age, I may appear to active people as if every day were a holiday for me, but I also have decided to take August off from support work in Internet English conversation lessons and other external work, decreasing the 15 items to 4 as the attached photo shows.

I am not in favor of assigning children a lot of summer homework when even adults should slow down.

Especially as for children's free research, while some children may be able to discover their themes, for the vast majority of the rest it must be almost impossible. Teachers can understand this if they look back to when they were children.

If free research a must, the whole class should think together and make a few proposals, and individual students can try the one that suits them best respectively or in groups.

This concludes my 4 consecutive articles of medical and health posts from Monday (31st).