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看護師不足  Nurse Shortage in Japan









Nurse Applicants to Japan Interviewed in the Philippines, but Applications Hit Record Low.

This was the title of a news report on NHK's national news on the morning of July 23, and its content is shown in the attached photo.

The reasons for this are said to be the weak yen and the language barrier, but there is a more deep-rooted background, which we have known for decades.

It is clear from the stagnation of the Japanese economy over the past 30 years that the cause of the weak yen is the arrogance and negligence of the Government and the business community, and this is one deep-rooted background.

Another deep-rooted background is the truly irrational language barrier, where the Government looks down on Asian countries and forces foreign nurses who are fluent in English, an international language, to learn Japanese, even though Japanese is a Galapagos language.

To solve the language problem, the Japanese medical nursing industry must first become an international standard one where English can also be used.

I visited a large hospital and its nursing school in Manila about 20 years ago. The former director of the hospital, a friend of mine for 40 years, introduced me to the abundance of local nursing staffs and we discussed the possibility of sending nursing personnel to Japan (see the following website), but the aforementioned language barrier prevented this.

This week I will post about medical and health-related content, and tomorrow I will post about the cost of medical care for the elderly over the counter.