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補助金より報奨金を Rewards rather than subsidies










There are annual subsidy programs available at the national and prefectural levels for the creation and development of new industries, businesses and services.

I have received the subsidies for the development of energy-saving technology 3 times and got 2 rewards for the 3 technological awards I received ( as a result of this technology development.

Based on this experience, I have judged that I would rather receive a reward than a subsidy for the same amount of money (taxpayer money).

The reasons are,

Subsidies are awarded to projects that are superior to others after a review (a "connoisseur") of future services, projects, etc. It is questionable at the time the money is granted whether or not the judgment of the reviewers (connoisseurs) is truly correct. No one knows what the outcome of the development or service for which the subsidies are given will be. Therefore, it is uncertain whether the money (taxpayers' money) will result in a social benefit.

On the other hand, reward money is money (tax money) that are paid in recognition of the results of implementation, and paid for developments or services that have contributed to the benefit of society. Successful persons o companies can use this bounty as encouragement and useful funds for their next steps.

If we rely on subsidies from the start, we will never be able to build a truly strong business.


I have vented this idea in the past, but the precedent-setting authorities have not listened to it.