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大坂・関西万博2025  OSAKA, KANSAI, JAPAN EXPO 2025 


万博のメインテーマは「いのち輝く未来社会のデザイン」、 サブテーマは「いのちを救う」「いのちに力を与える」、「いのちをつなぐ」、と立派です。


The current status of the pavilion construction was reported with less than two years to go until the opening on Sunday, April 13, 2025.

(The attached article shows that no pavilions have been started their construction.)

The main theme of EXPO 2025 is " Designing Future Society for Our Lives," and the sub-themes are "Saving Lives," "Empowering Lives," and "Connecting Lives," which are all good.

The reason why the event is under a yellow light at this point is probably because they know it is not worth the trouble of building boxes (pavilions), competing, and making a fool of ourselves.