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原子の反応性 Atomic reactivity







A recent meeting of the Onomichi Free English Conversation Dojo was held on the theme of "Plasma in Semiconductor Manufacturing" (photo).
Unfortunately I was not able to attend due to illness, but this is one of the environmentally friendly methods of precision manufacturing using chemical reactions.
The point of using plasma is to increase the reactivity of the atoms of the materials used to achieve the desired purpose (thin film generation, cleaning, engraving, etc.).
Reading the material on this subject reminded me for the first time in a long time of the reactions I applied when I worked as a chemical researcher in a company. (The basic contents are shown by chemical formulas in the pictures)
There are atoms in nature that are highly reactive at room temperature.
If we make good use of them, we can expect chemical reactions without necessarily adding energy (under environmentally friendly conditions), and chemical modification of substances and chemical synthesis of new substances are possible.