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接ぎ木英語 (1)、限界あり  Grafted English (1) and its limit

私は自分の英語を時々 “接ぎ木英語”と紹介します。








I sometimes refer to my English as “a grafted English”.

If we compare a language to a tree, when most of us Japanese learn English, it is as if we were grafting a new branch, English, onto the trunk, Japanese.

(So far, most of us started learning English when we were in junior high school, at the age of 12, so this is the time of language grafting.)

As a result, English skills can be acquired to a certain extent.

But most of us process English in Japanese when we are exposed to English. That is the case with me as well.

That is why we cannot fully understand the content of speeches and/or conversations spoken naturally and rapidly at the same level as native speakers can.

Thus, grafted English unfortunately has its limitation.

I will describe how to remove this limitation (?) in the next section.