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無駄なつなぎ言葉の無いスピーチ  Speeches without fillers


先日の無料英語道場で、メンバーが、ジャーナリストの池上 彰氏のスピーチにはこのような沈黙や間をつなぐ表現が全くなく、大変聴きやすかった、と報告してくれました。






Fillers are connective expressions when stuck in a conversation, such as "umm," "uhm," etc.

When they are used too often in conversations and speeches, they can cause discomfort to the other person and to those listening.
At a recent Free English Dojo (learning session), a member told us that journalist, Mr. Akira Ikegami's speech was very easy to listen to because there were no words to fill silences or pauses in his speech.
How can we eliminate the fillers in conversations and speeches?
I think it is to listen to our own recorded speeches again to learn our habits, and make an effort to eliminate the fillers.
I have about 10 years of experience talking and interviewing on a local radio and on a CATV, and I made it a rule to listen to all my shows afterwards to review them, and reflect on them each time.
I expected the same from my assistants, so I asked those who did not re-listen and review their programs to stop early.
I never received the above advice from anyone else, but it is natural for professional speakers to eliminate fillers in speeches, and it is part of their job to make that effort.