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雨だれ  Rain Drops



古今東西、雨をテーマにした曲は多くありますが、クラシックギターの曲としても「雨だれ、Rain Drops.」(G.C Lindsey, (1855 – 1945)があります。




Rain Drops (4 minutes):
It is now June, the month of rain, in the rainy season.
There have been many music pieces about rain in the past and present all over the world, and "Rain Drops." (G.C Lindsey, (1855 - 1945)) is a classical guitar piece.
Rain has many expressions of falling styles, sounds and others, and there are many ways to call them as well.
I performed this piece at an intraclub concert where I belonged to more than 10 years ago in 2010. Please forgive me for the fact that some sounds such as the opening and closing of doors were also recorded at the same time.
You can listen to a duet of the same piece I performed at the following site on YouTube.