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シジュウカラの子育て(5)、ビデオでまとめ  Titmice raising their young (5), Video summary (13分)

親鳥とヒナの様子は4回にわたって投稿してきましたが、この一連の写真とビデオの記録を1本のビデオ「シジュウカラ日記 巣作りから巣立ちまでの6週間」にまとめました。



来年は私も巣箱にカメラを常設して観察できるようにしたいと思っています。 (13 minutes) 

I have posted 4 times about the parent birds and their chicks in the meantime, and I have now compiled this series of photos and video recordings into one video “Diary of a pair of Titmice, Six Weeks from Nest building to Chicks' Leaving the Nest”.

The background music pieces are my own guitar performance of "Dream of Love No. 3”and others.

I borrowed a photo and a video of the titmice at my friend's house warming their eggs and feeding chicks in the nest box.


Next year, I would like to set up a camera in the nest box so that I can observe the birds there.