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日本のエネルギー事情 Energy situation in japan


省エネ大賞受賞技術開発の軌跡 (24)

第1章  もったいない無駄と必要な無駄

1.4 エネルギーの開発、利用、節約、保存

1.4.5 石炭、石油、原子力、新エネルギー (2) 日本の現状(2002年時点)



Trajectory of Energy Conservation Grand Prize-winning Technology Development (24)

Chapter 1 Wasteful Waste and Necessary Waste

1.4 Development, Use, Conservation, and Storage of Energy

1.4.5 Coal, oil, nuclear power, new energy (2) Current situation (as of 2002) in Japan

Attendance at the International Forum of the Asian Productivity Organization in Delhi, India, and the content of my presentation


添付写真は200211月、アメリカ環境保護局(USEPA)とアジア生産性機構(APO)の共催 国際エネルギーワークショップ、 in デリー・インド での私です。


The attached photo shows me at the International Energy Workshop, co-sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) and the Asian Productivity Organization (APO), in Delhi, India, November 2002.


I also introduced the power-saving technology of my own development.