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シジュウカラの子育て(3)、巣立ち前の2週間 Titmice raising their young (3), 2 weeks before leaving the nest












It is Children's Day today ・・・・.
After nesting in mid-March, the tits hatched around April 18, and since then I have been watching the parent birds' efforts to raise their young with admiration and excitement every day from three meters away, right in front of my eyes.
The parents feed their chicks no less than 150 times a day. The feeding time is from around 5:00 in the morning to around 7:00 in the evening, a long 14-hour workday.
All 10 young birds in the nest are growing well without individual differences.

The small circular nest cannot accommodate all of the 10 birds, so they are nestled with 4 in the nest and the others on the cushion of moss, with 4 and 2 separately, (as of May 4, photo).
They do not make noises so as not to be noticed by external enemies (cats, snakes, etc.), and the nest inside is clean because their droppings are carried far away by the parent birds.(Video, 30 seconds,
The parent birds carrying the food also have different personalities.
Once the female brings back the food, she perches on a branch near the entrance and watches the surroundings for about 10 seconds.
The male perches with one leg over the round entrance.
There is also food in the dogwood tree where the nest is located, and a family of white-eyes fly in, but for some reason, the titmouse pair goes a few hundred meters away to catch food in the trees.
Recently, the parent birds have been spending more and more time singing loudly from a short distance away so that the young birds can hear them.

They will leave the nest within a week.