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シジュウカラの子育て(2)、ヒナ誕生  Titmice raising their young (2), birth of chicks










The tits began nesting in a nest box in the garden on March 16, and as of today, April 19, about a month later, all nine eggs have been born as chicks.( The photo was taken about 4 days after birth.)
The titmouse, which is said to have many words and to be able to converse, is smart enough to hold its eggs so that all chicks will be chicks at the same time, so that there will be no individual differences among chicks.
Currently the parent birds have been busy carrying food to the nest at least 10 times an hour, 100 to 150 times in 10 hours a day, to ensure that all the chicks grow up and leave the nest safely. They never stop feeding chicks even on rainy days like yesterday.

(Video, 50 seconds,
They sometimes chirp before entering the nest box maybe to let the chicks recognize them.
When one of them is feeding chicks in the box, the other waits or passes the food at the entrance, but sometimes the both enter the nest box.
The size and type of food may vary depending on the growth of the chicks, but immediately after the chicks were born, they carried small pieces of food to make it easier for them to eat. The food is now large enough to be visible.

To keep the inside of the nest box clean, the parent birds carry away the chicks' droppings.
They enter the nest after 7:00 p.m. when it gets dark.
I have been impressed by the new discoveries I have made during the past month, almost every day, during some hours I spend at my desk, observing all the time as described above.