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統一地方選挙結果、尾道市の場合 Unified local election result, Onomichi City








Of the 28 city council members elected, 9 are newcomers.

Three of them are women, and they demonstrated their ability by winning within the top 7 positions (within the top 25%).

However, the percentage of female council members is still low only at 14%.

These pioneering women city council members were young in age, and judging from their educational backgrounds and biographies published in the election bulletin, it can be inferred from the number of votes they received that they attracted a wide range of voters who were not limited to small areas.

In the case of men, candidates who did not belong to any particular group or organization stuck to their small region, and their election campaign was based on the old-fashioned nepotism and name-calling. They should go into the next election with a better understanding of the reasons for the creation of this female city council members.

The next time in four years, the number of competent female city council candidates and winners will increase.

Japan is certainly changing after 30 years of stagnation.