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統一地方選挙、期待と投票基準  Local elections, expectations and voting criteria








The quadrennial national local elections are currently underway.

In the past 30 years, Japan has repeatedly failed to create industries in the Internet and digital fields, followed by Japan's lagging in the AI field like ChatGPT.

Many politicians, large corporations and all of us Japanese people who are incapable of making accurate judgments and decisions have orchestrated and directed these 30 years of stagnation as a result.

In this election, I would like as many old people as possible to step down and I want to look the emergence and success of new members and leaders who have replaced them.

I do not want to see the continuation and birth of repeated incompetent chiefs and hereditary councilors (Diet, prefectural and municipal councils).

My criteria for voting for a candidate are his or her age (upper and lower limits), their profile description or not and others.

Since most of the promises they make are often just a talk or a lip service, I will judge them just as only references.