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ギター演奏用パート楽譜の作成  Part score preparation for guitar playing





1.  明日に架ける橋、2. スカボロ フェア、3. トップ オブ ザ ワールド、4. カントリー ロード

Since the purchased music sheets contain a lot of information for performance, the notes are smaller in size and more difficult to read, and the overall page number is bigger, making it harder to put on a music stand.

When actually playing, it is convenient to have a sheet of music with the minimum information only for the part we play that has the notes big enough to read in a single page.

Such part music sheets can be made with a free photo editing software and Windows Paint.

So, I have made my own preferred 4 music scores (A-4 horizontal size) I want to practice and play on the guitar this year, which are as follows.

Bridge Over Troubled Water, 2, Scarborough Fair, 3. Top pf the World, 4. Country Roads