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なお、このnoteというサイトは別のCGM(ユーザー投稿型メディア)サイトであるSTORYSの社長、清瀬 史さんに紹介されて始めました。

Mr. Akio Yamaguchi, President of IBM Japan:

I was a bit surprised when I was followed the other day on April 5 by Mr. Akio Yamaguchi, current president of IBM Japan, on NOTE (, one of my information transmission sites that I started only eight months ago.

Since I was chosen by one of Japan's leading CGMs (user-generated media, launched in 2014, with 63 million monthly active users (as of May 2020), the probability of Mr. Yamaguchi following me this time is less than one in 10,000, which has made me very happy.

In return for his follow, I also followed him, and we are now in a relationship of mutual follow.


I was introduced to this "note" site by Mr. Fumi Kiyose, the president of another CGM (user-generated media) site, STORYS (