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価格、約3倍   Price, approximately 3 times







I was surprised to see that the price of a music book (with sheets of music and CD, 2,750 yen) purchased by the guitar club about 10 years ago has now been a little less than tripled (7,536 yen).
We may have become accustomed to the recent increase (?) in various prices, but about three times is still too big.
The only of defense is to copy them for personal use.

By the way,
Mr. Kuroda, who has been the BOJ governor for about 10 years, could not even achieve his target, but went on to say that his monetary policy was not a failure, as if the recent rising prices and stagnant wages for the Japanese people as a whole had nothing to do with him. But it is also certain that it is not a success, either.


He looks to be a surprisingly happy-go-lucky person.