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趣味のギター on 休日 (22)、月光  Moonlight, Guitar playing as a hobby on holidays (22) 


趣味のギター on 休日 (22)、月光、ソロ演奏(230秒)






Guitar playing as a hobby on holidays (22), Moonlight, solo performance (2:30 min.):
Moonlight is a well-known piano piece by Beethoven, but for classical guitar, it is by Fernando Sol.
This piece is one of my favorites that makes me want to continue playing the classical guitar.
I played this at a concert in February, 2023 (photo in the video), so I uploaded it to commemorate (?) the event.
I have also uploaded a duet of this music piece, where this solo melody played as a second part, at the following site and used the same moonlit night photos in the video for this solo piece.

In the near future, I plan to practice and record a duet with this solo melody as the first part and another the second melody. Then I will have the Moonlight Trilogy.