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チャットGPT  ChatGPT



そこで、今回はChat GPT で、私が作って、過日インターネット上にも投稿した英文文章を入力して文章の質と明瞭さを向上させてみました。




Its free trial version was released by Microsoft a few months ago and also made a big splash, reportedly being used by 100 million people in just two months.

For example, if you "tell" it to "remove mistakes and refine" sentences, it will correct the input sentences and output the corrected and refined sentences according to the instructions.

So, this time, I used Chat GPT to improve the quality and clarity of the English sentences that I had wrote and posted on the Internet a few days earlier.

I did not accept the output sentences because important parts of the content had been "arbitrarily" (?) omitted from the original text.

The final result is checked by the client, a human being, to see if the sentence is correct or not, and it is also up to the client to accept it or not.


No matter how advanced language processing AI becomes, the language skills of the human client are essential and more important, but this artificial intelligence language processing software, which can correct sentences from a third-party standpoint, will probably play a leading role in the preparation of papers and text corrections in the near future as a reliable assistant.