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千の風になって、ギター演奏曲  "A Thousand Winds" on the guitar







"A Thousand Winds" on the guitar:

At the monthly regional meetings for seniors, we two take turns choosing songs that we think the participants know and play them to accompany their singing.

This month of February, since it was my turn, I chose "Be a Thousand Winds".

The participants who heard and sang seemed to remember the time when this song was a hit and the various other things respectively.

Music is a wonderful tool that can paint each picture in each heart.

Some of the participants said they wanted to hear my guitar performance in addition to the songs I could play for them. So, in response to their expectations (?), from the next time onward, I will not only select pieces for accompaniment, but also the ones for instrumental performances on guitar.

Note that I have not uploaded this performance of "A Thousand Winds" to You Tube yet.