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趣味のギター on 休日 (21)、禁じられた遊び(3分10秒) Guitar playing as a hobby on holidays (21), Forbidden Play (3'10") 



1952年のフランス映画「禁じられた遊び(Les Jeux Interdits)」テーマ曲として、スペインのギター奏者ナルシソ・イエペス(Narciso Yepes)による演奏で世界的に有名になりました。





For many people, this is the piece that started them on the classical guitar.

It became world famous when the Spanish guitarist Narciso Yepes played it as the theme song for the 1952 French film "Les Jeux Interdits" (The Forbidden Play).

I have enjoyed three concerts of Yepes in Japan, and I remember him playing this piece only once.

It may be because the melody and arrangement are so simple for a professional classical guitar player that it is conversely difficult to play it, or it may be because he did not want to be labeled with this piece alone.

This performance was recorded at the Sunflower Music Festival in Onomichi in 2018.

I hope to upload the one with a prelude and a postlude in addition to the melody played by Yepez.