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尾道と近郊市、今は昔 (16)

* 内 容:尾道製麩 ㈲ in 尾道市、名脇役食材、パン粉製造。過去の放送日:2000.04.03

* これは1999からの尾道と近郊市の産業と人々の記録です。 

* 尾道ケーブルテレビで過去に私が企画・制作・放送した番組内容(約15分)をシリーズでお届けします。

* 動画内容はすべて当時のもので、現在は変更されていることがありますのでご承知ください。

* この復刻版は(株)青藍と釜本事務所の提供でお届けします。

* この復刻シリーズも回数を重ね、過去に紹介した企業からは、その意義に賛同と理解をいただき、また、企業サイトの英訳も検討されています。

Once upon a time in Onomichi & Neighboring (16) 

Content: ONOMICHI SEIFU Co., Ltd. in Onomichi city, whose work has been bread crumb production. Previously aired on 2000.04.03.

This is a record of industries and people in Onomichi & neighboring cities since 1999.

This is a series of 15-minute TV shows that I planned, produced, and broadcast on Onomichi Cable TV in the past.

Please note that all the contents are current as of that time and may have been changed now.

This reprinted show is presented to you courtesy of Seiran Corporation (Okayama, Shanghai) and OFFICE KTK.

A number of reprinted shows have been uploaded and we have received support and understanding for the significance of these introductions from the companies we introduced in the past, and some of them are now considering translating the company's website into English.