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音楽コンサートと新しい仲間との幸せな出会い  Music Concert with happy encounter to new friends










4.カルメン・スウィート No.1 間奏曲(~1875年、ジョルジュ・ビゼー、ギター三重奏でソロ演奏)



The other day I was invited to play guitar at a small concert that has been going on for as many as 14 years.

As this was my first time participating, I did not know exactly what to expect, so I prepared the following six pieces to be able to play according to the situation. I also brought three guitars, including an electric-gut guitar that can keep the bigger volume level.

The accompaniment sounds for the performance are produced through an amplifier speaker connected to a smartphone by a bluetooth connection.

My performances were solos, so I played the following "Moonlight" and "Interlude" at the beginning of each of the first and second parts.

It was a fun day to meet new musical friends.

Music pieces I prepared are as follows.

1. Moonlight (-1839, Fernando Sol, classical guitar piece, solo performance or one-man guitar duet)

2. Imagine (1971, John Lennon, solo with piano accompaniment or one-man guitar duet)

3. Ave Maria (-1828, Schubert, solo with piano accompaniment or one-man guitar duet)

4. Carmen Suite No.1 Interlude (-1875, Georges Bizet, solo with a guitar trio)

5. Forbidden Play (1952, French film music, solo performance)

6. Memories of the Alhambra (-1896, Francisco Tarrega, classical guitar piece, solo with flute and piano accompaniment)