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冬の小鳥たち  Small Birds in Winter 150秒)





この時期になりますと、シジュウカラは巣箱の下見もしますので、春が近いことを知らせてくれます。 1 min 50 sec

In the winter, small birds have less food in the mountains.

Small birds such as white-eyes and tits cannot eat large amounts of food at a time in order to fly, so winter is a difficult time for them.

Every winter, we set up a bird feeder with foods such as tangerines in our yard, and every day some couples of them fly in to the feed and show us their cute appearance.

We keep the food in a large meshed net to prevent the stronger, larger birds from eating it up.

At this time of year, the titmice will also check their nest boxes, which is a reminder that spring is near.