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木製の卓上譜面立て  Desktop music sheet stand made of wood









The other day, when watching a piano performance on TV, I saw the player using a portable tabletop folding music stand on the piano.

I immediately though of purchasing one for myself, but I thought it would be easy to make and have made one as follows. (See photos.)

(1) Since the base requires a little weight, a cut is made in a 30 mm plywood board base and it is combined with a vertical holding plate (removable).

(2) One aluminum rail is built into the cut of the base to put the music sheet (removable).

(iii) A transparent carbonate hollow plate is placed on the aluminum rail for the back support of the music sheet.

All materials are left over ones from my DIY work before.

It is convenient for practicing while operating a computer on a desk for my daily use.

It can be disassembled for carrying out.