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コロナ禍と孤独  Corona Disaster and Loneliness








The other day, NHK TV reported on the loneliness caused by the coronavirus, especially among the elderly.

The major cause of loneliness is the refraining from going out for fear of coronavirus infection.

Loneliness among the elderly is not a new problem; it has happened before.

No matter how old we get, it is possible, important, and essential for us to go out, exercise, or visit others avoiding crowds, and actively engage in online exchanges and activities using computers, smartphones, and other devices.

The basis for these is our health, interest, and curiosity.

However, it is common in any other society that in many interactions and group activities, the percentage of active people is usually 10%, the percentage of opportunistic people is 80%, and the percentage of indifferent people is about 10%, which I hope doesn’t bother you too much.

So now today I am visiting two people in Fukuyama, a company owner and a guitar hobbyist friend.