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今年の練習、録音課題曲  This Year's practice music pieces for recording




1. 間奏曲 G.ビゼー ギター三重奏

2. シシリアーナ O.レスピーギ ギター三重奏

3. アヴェ・マリア F.シューベルト ギター二重奏/ギターソロ・ピアノ伴奏

4. イマジン J.レノン ギター二重奏/ギターソロ・ピアノ伴奏

5. アメージング・グレイス スコットランド民謡 ギター三重奏

6. 芭蕉布 T.福原 ギターソロ

7. 千の風になって M.新井 ギター二重奏/ギターソロ・ピアノ伴奏



8. 愛のロマンス(禁じられた遊び、斎藤松男編)ギターソロ

9. アルハンブラの思い出 F.タレガ ギターソロ/フルート伴奏/ギターソロ・ピアノ伴奏


This Year's practice music pieces for recording:

Guitar playing has been my biggest hobby, started before I was 20 years old and continues to this day.

My practice pieces for this year 2023 for the time being are as follows including the ones last year 2022, but I would like to play and record them as many as possible and upload them to YouTube (

1. Carmen Suite No.1 Intermezzo G. Bizet Guitar trio

2. Siciliana O. Respighi Guitar trio

3. Ave Maria F. Schubert Guitar duet / Guitar solo with piano accompaniment

4. Imagine J. Lennon  Guitar duet / Guitar solo with piano accompaniment

5. Amazing Grace Scottish Folk Song Guitar trio

6. Bashofu T. Fukuhara Guitar solo

7. Be a Thousand Winds M. Arai Guitar duet / Guitar solo with piano accompaniment

The following two pieces, which are the inspiration and goal of guitar playing for many people, and which I also practice several times each week, are also the subject of performance recordings.

8. Romance of Love (Forbidden Play, arranged by Matsuo Saito) Guitar solo

9. Memories of the Alhambra F. Talega Guitar solo / Guitar solo with flute accompaniment / Guitar solo with piano accompaniment



The fact that playing an instrument ultimately requires memorization and repeated practice translates to the study of English.