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賃上げ40%  Wage increase of 40%









These are the numbers that UNIQLO has recently announced.

The announcement must have been a success, with strategic numbers, the timing and method of the announcement, and the publicity it received from the many media outlets that covered it.

But we must not be fooled.

Only a small number of full-time employees will benefit from the 40% wage increase. What is important is the rate of increase for all employees, including part-time employees, who make up the bulk of the workforce.

Consumers may be persuaded even with a 30% increase in the price of UNIQLO products if they only hear about the 40% wage increase, but that is exactly what UNIQLO wants.

UNIQLO is a large clothing retailer that has been making large profits, just like some large electronics retailers.

It has demanded low prices from manufacturers of raw materials such as yarns, fabrics, and knitted fabrics, and as well as from processing companies using cheap labor from overseas, and the recycling rate of the large volume of products it has sold is still low.


Large sales companies account for a large and disproportionate share of profits, but Japan's economic stagnation and low wage situation for the past 30 years will not improve unless the all industries allow production, distribution, and sales companies to enjoy fair profits and wage increases regardless of their size, large or small.