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1月の尾道無料英会話道場   Free English learning meetings in January


* 第1(夜間例会No. 089) 0107日(土)19:00 - 


* 第2(午前例会No. 204) 0112日(木)10:30 -


* 第3回 夜間例会(No. 090) 0121日(土)19:00 -


* 第4(午前例会No. 205) 0126日(木)10:30 –


Online meetings are to be held (were held) as follow due to the 8th corona pandemic.

The 1st (evening meeting No. 089), Jan. 7th (Sat.), 19:00 -

  New year’s resolution

The 2nd (morning meeting No. 204), Jan. 12th (Thur.), 10:30 -

  About your new year’s holidays and this year’s aspirations

The 3rd (evening meeting No. 090), Jan. 21st (Sat.), 19:00 -

  Fast Retailing’s pay hikes will bring it in line on global stage

The 4th (morning meeting No. 205), Jan. 26th (Thur.), 10:30 -

  What is your favorite place to eat recently?