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カノン  Canon

趣味のギター on 休日 (19)、パッヘルベルのカノン(3分) 







Guitar playing as a hobby on holidays (19), Pachelbel's Canon (3 minutes):

This is a chamber music piece by Johann Pachelbel, a German composer of the Baroque period (17th century to mid-18th century). The first half of the piece is particularly famous and is known as Pachelbel's Canon.

A canon is a musical term that describes a style of music, and in Japanese it is translated as "rin sho," a style of performance in which a single melody is played by multiple parts that follow one another.

Putting this interpretation aside, I took the liberty of associating the beautiful melody with my granddaughter, Kanon, and played it.

I post this series every other week on Tuesdays starting this year of 2023.