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4年間の投稿完了 Four years of postings completed




投稿サイトは STORYS でしたが、今後は引き続き、修正を加えた日英両語同時投稿内容に音楽とTV放送復刻版の別ジャンルの投稿を加えた以下のnote のサイトで閲覧ください。

なお、STORYS のサイトではこれまでに毎日多くの方々に閲覧いただいていますので、引き続き、同じ STORYS のサイトでは2023年からは「徒然なるままに」と題して隔週で1998年~2013年の間に執筆記録した内容を中心に、数年の予定で、日英2か国語で投稿する予定です。

I began submitting my own work (411 pages of 400-character manuscript paper) on the development of power-saving technologies and devices in Japanese in June 2019, and a year and a half later, in December 2020 in English respectively, continuing to submit two posts each week for a total of four years.

For about six months of this period, I made duplicate submissions in both Japanese and English, but this month, December 2022, I completed a series of submissions.

I thank you to the 100 to 400 people who viewed our site daily over the years.

The posting site was on STORYS, but please continue to view it as the partially re-written bilingual one in Japanese and English simultaneously at the following NOTE site, where I have added two other categories of music playing and TV broadcast reprints.

Since the STORYS website has been viewed by many people every day so far, I will continue to post the articles I wrote in the period 1998-2013, which is titled "Write with idle ramblings" every other week from 2023 both in Japanese and in English.