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舞い上がれ!(2)/空飛ぶボート/加島・尾道  Fly p high! (2) / Flying Boat / Kashima, Onomichi






When I shared my paragliding experience at the recent Onomichi Free English Conversation Dojo, I recalled my experience flying over the Seto Inland Sea in a flying boat from Kashima Island.

It was one of my coverage broadcasts by a local cable TV station, and I still vividly remember the sensation of the flight (tandem flight with an operator).

I think it is similar to the sensation of takeoff, landing, and staying in the air when the main character of NHK's morning drama series trains to become a female pilot, which have been aired on weekdays.

The attached photos show the taking-off from the sea, the flight and glide about 500 meters high above the sea, and the  landing on the sea.

The video will be introduced on the Internet in the near future as one of the reprints in the " Once upon a time in Onomichi & Neighboring " series.