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I have been regularly posting articles related to Setsuden-mushi development only in English once or twice a week for about two years now, and it will soon be finished in this month of December.

During that time, 100 to 200 people have viewed my articles every day.

The amount of English translation and submission was four pages per submission in terms of Japanese 400-character manuscript paper.

I am not sure if the viewers are Japanese or foreigners, but it has been a major driving force to keep me motivated to post them.

When I was posting the articles in both Japanese and English on several subjects, the number of views were 100-400 daily, which means that the number of views was reduced by half when posting only in English.

Conversely, if we combine Japanese language posts with English language ones, the number of views could double.

This is indeed the world of the Internet.


Considering that the postings are being viewed by the people overseas, I have to translate them into English with more care, so that makes me learn more about English.