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ライフ サイクル アセスメント  Life Cycle Assessment

先日NHKの「あさイチ」でライフ サイクル アセスメント(LCA)ついて説明がされていました。約20年を経過して、ようやく、時代が追いついてきた、という感じを持ちました。


例えば、同じ排気量2000㏄の2台の自動車がライフ サイクル アセスメントで評価され、環境負荷が少ないと評価された方を購入すれば、環境に配慮した買物ということになります。



The other day, NHK's "Asa Ichi" program explained about this and I felt that the time has finally come.

LCA is a method to quantitatively assess the extent to which products and services impose an environmental burden (carbon dioxide gas emissions) on the environment with very detailed calculations required. (See attached document).

For example, if two cars with the same displacement of 2,000 liters are evaluated in the Life Cycle Assessment, purchasing the one that is evaluated as having less environmental impact would be an environmentally friendly purchase.

The most effective way to reduce the environmental impact of automobiles, whether electric or gasoline, is to reduce their absolute number, of course.

In 2003, as many as 19 years ago, the power-saving device (Setsuden-mushi) I developed in the past was calculated its environmental impact using this life cycle assessment method and also evaluated for its environmental impact reduction effects by the power-saving device itself, which led to Type III EcoLeaf environmental label certification as the 3rd one in Japan, (See attached label) and the news was covered by the local TV station.