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添付写真はロスアンゼルス在住の友人、Mr. Peter K More と彼の愛機です。


Inspired by the main character in NHK's morning drama series " MaiagareFly up high!) who aspires to become a female pilot and the recently aired airplane footage, I went to "Aircraft Viewing Hill" near Hiroshima Airport and took pictures and video the other day on November 24th.

As I have not flown in an airplane for many years now, I was overwhelmed by the size and sound of the planes arriving and departing nearby from the same vantage point.

Many people have the hope of flying human-powered.

I also tried paragliding 26 years ago when I was 49 years old, but after only four flights I gave up human-powered flight because I felt it was dangerous for me. ( The attached 3rd photo is a reference photo, not me.)

The attached 2nd photo is one of my friends, Mr. Peter K More, who lives in Los Angeles, and his beloved airplane.

His promise to put me in the pilot's seat has not yet come true, though.