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国の電力消費に匹敵するインターネットのエネルギー消費  Energy consumption by the Internet equivalent to the electricity consumption of a country

The energy load of convenient smartphones and the Internet is enormous, and that of the Internet alone is equivalent to Iran's total domestic energy consumption (about one-fifth that of Japan) (see data).
There is always a large energy consumption behind convenience.
I turn off my phone at night because even when it is turned off, it is possible to receive necessary calls by our landline phone at night.
In my house, furthermore, two landline phones also don’t consume standby power thanks to Setsuden-mushi (automatic outlet power on/off devices) and the outlet powers for TVs we don’t often watch, fan heaters, room lights and others are manually off to stop the standby power consumption.
Air conditioners, televisions, and other appliances that can be operated by remote control as well as landline phones, fan-heaters also consume standby power all the time.