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ひまわり Sunflower

趣味のギター(14) ひまわり:
Guitar playing as a hobby (14), Sunflower:
Continuing from the last time, here is "Teppan" composed by Taro Hakase.
We heard this melody every morning for six months from September 2010, when Onomichi once again became the setting for NHK's morning drama.
The performance introduced here is a flute and guitar concerto, with a woman playing the first melody on the flute, and four members playing the second and third parts with guitar accompaniment. (3 minutes 7 seconds)
I prefer this kind of performance style.
Sunflower Music Festival was proposed and planned by me as a sponsorship project for Onomichi's long-standing Minato Festival, but has been suspended for the past several years due to the Corona disaster.