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ラジオとテレビ番組 制作・放送の思い出(1)ラジオ編  Memories of Radio and TV Program Production & Broadcast (1) Radio shows

ラジオとテレビ番組 制作・放送の思い出(1)ラジオ編:
No. 74/日豪(日本・オーストラリア)ビジネス/ゲスト:ジェイコブズ氏/1997.12.30放送(1時間)
No. 138/竹墨作り、農業を楽しむ/ゲスト:寺岡農場_寺岡会長/1999.03.30(最終回)放送(2時間)
Memories of Radio and TV Program Production & Broadcast (1) Radio shows:
No. 74 / Japan-Australia Business / Guest: Mr. Jacobs / Aired on 1997.12.30 (1 hour)
No. 138 / Enjoying Agriculture, Making Bamboo Ink / Guest: Mr. Teraoka, Chairman of Teraoka Farm / Aired on 1999.03.30 (Last broadcast, 2 hours)
From 1996, after the dawn of the Internet, I spent about 10 years happily planning, producing, and broadcasting business programs on both radio (regional FM) and television (regional CATV).
For the first year, the radio broadcasting time was one hour, and for the next two and a half years were two hours.
For the two-hour long programs consisted of 20 minutes long business interviews, four or five five-minute segments with various topics, seven or eight pieces of music playing, and it was an unrehearsed talk show.
Timekeeping was relatively easy in the case of radio broadcast because time could be adjusted when playing five or six music tracks, even if the time was pushed a little or wound up.
The following is the website address of the archive where you can listen to some of the content other than those mentioned above.
I also did some sales work to find sponsors (ten at most) for the program, but it wasn't too difficult because I was able to use the business relationships I had made in my job and through cross-industrial exchanges until then.