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節電への協力と節電可能金額  Cooperation for Power Saving and possible saved amount money

Japanese Government has decided to ask businesses and households to save electricity starting in December.
This is the first time in seven years since fiscal 2015 that the government has made such a request during the winter season.
Japan's power supply has remained at a tight level since this summer, reaching the danger zone (blackout) with a few percent increase in power demand.
Cooperation in saving electricity in winter includes lowering the heating temperature (manual) during operation.
All home appliances that can be operated by remote control, such as air conditioners, televisions, and lighting fixtures, as well as fan heaters and multifunction telephones consume power wastefully even when not in use. (wasteful standby power consumption).
This wasteful standby power consumption can be saved by unplugging appliances from the power outlet (manual).
The wasteful standby power consumption is about 5% of the total power used, or about 6,000 – 12,000 yen of each household per year if the monthly electricity bill is 10,000 – 20,000 yen, which is not a small amount.
It reached 150 to 300 billion yen all over Japan with 25 million households.
If manually unplugging appliances after use is troublesome, an automatic outlet power-off device (Setsuden-mushi) of my own development, which was manufactured and sold by NTT, can also be used (see the above written web-site).