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大学生との面会に感謝  Thanks for the visit by a college student

先週、投稿で紹介した「英検1級資格者ネットワーク in 日本」(*)の最年少メンバーで、現在は20歳、大学2回生のK.M.君が私を尾道に訪ねてくれました。
Mr. K.M., the youngest member of the " STEP 1st Graders' (& Equiv.) Network (E1N) in Japan" (*), which I introduced in my post last week, is now 20 years old and a second-year university student, visited me in Onomichi.
He had studied abroad when he was a high school student on the recommendation of his city's board of education and had passed the English Proficiency Test (EIKEN) Pre Level 1.
This time, he stopped by at Onomichi on his way home from attending the "National Social Education Research Convention in Hiroshima" as the youngest committee member in Japan.
He has now been studying for his English teaching certification, including the International Baccalaureate, at university and also serving as a member of the Lifelong Learning Council of his city (Social Education Committee).
He attended this convention on behalf of the city in that capacity.
Since our meeting time was limited, I showed him to Mt. Takami, a national park on Mukojima Island, on the other side of the old city of Onomichi, and we had a meaningful conversation for a little over an hour including the driving time.
I have been energized by his polite and positive attitude as a student who, from the early stages of his life, has been actively engaged in society at large.